Body Worn Camera Update October 2022

The Bozeman Police Department is pleased to announce that we have begun implementing the use of body worn cameras, the culmination of a couple years of planning, budgeting, and community engagement.

In order to ensure the program is working properly, the department will be using a tiered approach, starting with the patrol sergeants. Once the sergeants are familiar with the cameras and the system is determined to be working properly, all patrol officers will begin wearing the cameras. Soon after, the program will be expanded to include detectives and selected civilian staff.

The body worn cameras work in conjunction with the patrol car video systems and the new interview room camera system at the Bozeman Public Safety Center. Having these system combined will increase efficiency and allow videos related to a specific call for service or case to be stored together.

One the right side of this page, under “Documents,” you can view the policy that now covers the use of body worn cameras. The policy describes when to record, when not to record, special considerations, the preservation of recordings, and the use and dissemination of recordings.

The Bozeman Police Department appreciates the community’s feedback as this program has been developed and implemented.

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