Body Worn Cameras in Schools

Body Worn Cameras in Schools

An important aspect to consider during the implementation of body worn cameras is how they will be utilized in schools.

What is the Bozeman Police Department’s presence in public schools today? How will Body Worn Cameras be used?

The Bozeman Police Department currently has four School Resource Officers and one School Resource Sergeant assigned to the Bozeman School District. During a typical day, their duties include mentoring, education, and enforcement. Due to the complex and varied tasks they perform, it is important to ensure the proper balance is struck between ensuring student privacy and documenting incidents. To that end, we will be meeting with the school district to ensure we come up with the best possible plan that accomplishes these goals and abides by District policies.

How does the Bozeman Police Department work with Montana State University?

Officers frequently respond to Montana State University to work in conjunction with the MSU Police Department (MSUPD.) We will also be meeting with representatives from MSU to ensure we abide by their policies, match MSUPD’s practices, and strike the property balance between privacy and documentation.

How will Body Worn Cameras work in private schools?

There are a variety of private educational facilities in Bozeman. Input will be sought from these organizations as well before final decisions are made regarding how these cameras will be used in private schools.

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