What will be included in this project?

    This facility will include a library branch, aquatics center, and recreation center.

    The exact services included in the design are still under discussion. Public input will help us determine how to design each space and what components to prioritize.

    The decision making criteria that determine what will be included in the final space include: 

    1. Size and location constraints
    2. Estimated cost
    3. Community preferences and input

    When will this project be built?

    If voters support a bond in November 2023 for the construction of the building and approve a levy for staffing and operations, construction could start as early as 2025 and finish in 2027. 

    Why is this project needed?

    Due to population growth, demand for aquatics, recreation, and library services has increased. The last pool was built in 1974, when Bozeman’s population was 19,000. Bozeman has not added aquatics facilities for 48 years.

    Our current facilities are well loved and well used but are inadequate for the current demand.

    Many community members have asked for the city to invest in a structure like this one. We are not only responding to what we have heard; we are acting on what we have identified as a need since 2007 (City of Bozeman Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Plan).

    This project also aligns with the City’s Strategic Plan (3.4 & 5.1.a, respectively).

    Why combine library, aquatics, and recreation into one facility?

    These three aspects of the project all seek to enrich, educate, and entertain. Though the hobbies may be different, they all are things that bring communities together towards a shared joy. 

    Leveraging shared spaces provides an economy of scale, thus maximizing efficiency and reducing overall construction costs.

    Combining these areas also reduces trips around the city. Families can swim, play, and check out books all in one place.

    Has the city determined where this facility will be located yet?

    Yes! We have entered into an agreement with Bozeman School District to buy the plot of land at the corner of Cottonwood Rd and Durston Rd, next to Gallatin High and Meadowlark Elementary, if voters support the Community Center bond and levy. The city will move forward with purchasing the land only if the vote passes. 

    What will this cost me?

    Costs for the construction and operation of this new facility have not yet been determined. The public engagement and design process we are currently in will help shape the cost estimate. 

    This facility will be new and will require additional staff to operate. Along with the construction bond, the city will also ask voters to approve a levy to pay for the staff and added operating costs to make this center something the community will be proud of.

    When can I vote on this project?

    The City is planning to ask voters whether they will support this project in the November 2023 election. 

    The ballot will include two questions: 

    1. a construction bond to be paid back in 20 years 
    2. an ongoing staffing and operations levy to provide the staff and resources needed to operate the building 

    How can I get involved with this project?

    Provide your input! Public input will help shape which features are prioritized given limited space, and how much the structure might ultimately cost.

    Residents can stay up to date on this project by signing up for updates at engage.bozeman.net.