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insufficient information to make informed choices

by Darcie Warden,
My name is Darcie. I live on Fowler Ave. Thank you for the opportunity to provide public input for this project. I think it's important for the people who are directly impacted by this project to have a voice in how it takes shape.

I have gone on the website to look at all the options you have given us to vote on. After a thorough review, I have several areas of concern that I would like the decision-makers to consider before I vote.

Depiction of the neighborhood

The mock-up of the medium, street, walking path, and bike path don't include the houses along the street I live on. For anybody looking at these pictures, it looks like there is a huge park setting on either side of the road/paths. This isn't the case. The road looks much wider than it currently is in-front of my house and there is a medium along with either parking, walking, and bike paths. I don't understand how all of this is supposed to fit in a neighborhood that already exists. Recommendation: Go back and create the mock-up of the new road with the houses as they would look along the road so we can know what we are voting on.

Traffic, noise pollution, and air pollution

It is reasonable to assume there will be a significant increase in traffic along Fowler. Along with increased traffic comes increased noise and air pollution. This is a real concern that needs to be addressed.

Recommendations: Air pollution can be addressed with appropriate, large vegetation such as trees and bushes along the length of the street. I was told there as the idea of zero scape. This option may sound nice but it leaves the neighborhood vulnerable to excessive car exhaust exposure.

Sound pollution will increase. Slow speed along the road will mitigate the sounds and will increase safety. Again, vegetation will be important to buffer sounds and create a fresh feeling in the neighborhood.

Traffic is a concern. It is reasonable to assume there will be an increase in traffic. There are several schools located north and south of the block on Fowler between Babcock and Durston. There are children walking and crossing the roads in the morning and afternoons. Limiting the speed at which people can drive is essential for the safety of the children walking to school.

Walking paths

All of the options have walking paths on both sides of the road. The section of street between Babcock and Durston only has one walking path on the west side of the road. That is all that is needed. The extra bike and walking paths are overkill and not needed.

Traffic Lights vs Roundabout

It is hard to tell if a traffic light or a roundabout is the preferable option. The decision needs to be based on what will move traffic through most efficiently. The concern I have is traffic idling in front of my house at either a stop light or a roundabout that isn't working well.

Allowable traffic

Please don't allow semi-trucks on this road. This is a neighborhood not a thoroughfare for commercial traffic.

I will continue to engage as we move through this process. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my thoughts, feedback, and recommendations for a thoughtful project.

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