• Team member, Addi Jadin
    Addi Jadin
    Park Planning & Development Manager @ City of Bozeman
  • Team member, Rhiannon Sinclair
    Rhiannon Sinclair
    Senior Urban Planner @ Agency Landscaping + Planning
  • Team member, Bri Daniels
    Bri Daniels
    Community Liaison

    Hello, my name is Bri Daniels and I am one of the community liaisons for Safe Routes to Parks. I am a college student at Montana State University and I am passionate about advocacy for access and inclusion. I lost my leg to bone cancer four years ago and realized that there is a lot of work to be done to reach equity in our community. I love the parks in Bozeman and enjoy outdoor recreation and believe it needs to be accessible to all community members. I joined Safe Routes to Parks with the goal of engaging the disability community and raising voices that are often not heard or listened to. It is important for decision makers to hear our stories and know why access and inclusion is not just about abiding by ADA and checking off that box, but also about the strength of our community and ensuring that we are welcoming everyone to participate and recreate in the City of Bozeman.  

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  • Team member, Luis Islas
    Luis Islas
    Community Liaison / Conexión Comunitaria

    Introducción a la comunidad latina

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  • Team member, Mikayla Pitts
    Mikayla Pitts
    Community Liaison

    Mikayla Pitts is originally from Bakersfield, CA. She was recruited to play basketball at Little Big Horn College on the Crow Reservation in 2012, fell in love with Montana and decided to stay. She graduated with both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Community Health. Mikayla is passionate about community health practices, education, and community outreach. When she is not working, she loves doing kickboxing and reading poetry.

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  • Team member, Candace Mastel
    Candace Mastel
    Transportation Demand Management Coordinator @ City of Bozeman Engineering