What's next in engagement?

Now that you all have heard the news about the UDC hearing process being delayed, what’s next? While much of this is still to be determined, we can say a few things with certainty:

  • This isn’t a restart of the project. We have received lots of great feedback so far from the community to develop the draft code. We will continue to work with this draft and want to hear additional feedback on it from those who may not have had a chance to engage. We will use all of this information in editing the working draft and hope to present an updated draft ahead of the new hearing process. That means you won’t see revisions/an updated draft until after engagement occurs.
  • We want your thoughts on how to design our engagement process. In November, we will launch a survey to collect your preferences for how we gather your input and communicate with you. We’ll list a number of achievable options and whichever techniques float to the top will be implemented, so please be sure to weigh in if this is of interest to you!
  • Engagement won’t occur until the new year. Before the holidays, we will use results from the engagement and communication preferences survey to create an engagement plan. We want to make sure people have adequate notice and opportunities to participate, so we won’t start any activities until after the first of the year.

Thanks for your patience as we develop the next steps. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope we can design a process that our community feels good about. And as always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

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